Computer Science Meets Cell Biology - GRK dIEM oSiRiS

Uhrmacher, Adelinde M. and John, Mathias and Mazemondet, Orianne and Unger, Andrea and Rharass, Tareck and Bader, Benjamin and Rolfs, Arndt (2009) Computer Science Meets Cell Biology - GRK dIEM oSiRiS. University of Rostock.

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Regenerative systems are able to overcome significant perturbations, and maintain autonomously their functionality in dynamic environments. To analyze or develop these types of systems, modeling and simulation plays a crucial role. Due to operating at different temporal and spatial scales and due to embracing many heterogeneously acting and interacting sub-systems with variable patterns of behavior, new modeling and simulation methods are required. These methodological developments and their application to a concrete biological regenerative system, i.e. the exploration of signaling pathways and their role in the differentiation of neural cells, are at the core of the GRK dIEM oSiRiS (The Integrative Development of Modeling and Simulation Methods for Regenerative Systems).

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Projects: GRK dIEM oSiRiS